Plastic waste is probably the biggest issue to the global marine environment today and for the future of our next generations to enjoy the several wonders of the sea.

Plastic kills hundreds of thousands of fish and marine life each year not to mention the effect it has on the natural marine vegetation habitat and ecosystem.

While plastic in the ocean issue is growing daily there are now many small community movements around the globe emerging and taking action to reduce plastic use, recycle plastic waste and re-use existing plastic as actions to help save our beaches, oceans and marine life. Foundations like Clean Coast Collective #TrashTribe and Take 3 for the Sea are excellent examples of this movement but the action needs to go global so it was really great to see this happening while recently in Portugal.

Three ladies of the sea Gina Prasuhn (Germany), Catalina Angel (Columbia) and Stephanie Hirsch (France) now living in Peniche are a beautiful example of what needs to be done at the core community level to have any chance of cleaning and ridding our oceans of plastic waste in the future.

Recently with the help of local Peniche community, they formed the Marmeu Foundation and @Peniche_Beach_Conservation to take action to clean their local beaches and oceans from the thousands of plastic bottles and debris that pollute their surfing and ocean habitat.

Their mission is for a future with an ocean free of plastic. #4anoceanfreeofplastic

The ladies with a mission enlisted surfings coolest Mayor ANTÓNIO JOSÉ CORREIA and visiting WSL surfers Connor Coffin, Josh Kerr and Matt Wilkinson to launch their campaign during the WSL Rip Curl Pro at Peniche, Portugal.

During the Peniche event, the crew showcased art made of plastic waste from the beach, activated community beach cleanups, and displayed recycling methods at the beach.

Their message is simple and hopefully effective -
when it comes to plastic REDUCE RE-USE and RECYCLE.

As Matt Wilko Says "Do your bit for a plastic-free ocean"


Beautiful and SCARY Artwork made from the plastic micro beads, plastic bottle tops, straws and rope all found on the beach shoreline.

Join your local plastic free movement and help save the oceans, its marine environment and our beautiful planet overall from this PLASTIC disease.
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