In early 2016, an injury that stopped me from surfing led me to picking up a camera. When I realised I couldn’t surf anymore, I sold my surfboard and used the money to buy a camera and suitable waterhousing. Initially, it was just a way to find a way to replace my hobby and maybe reconnect with the water. I didn’t expect it to spark a new passion that has become all but consuming. My loss ultimately became my gain. A new light to follow.

There are so many captivating elements to photography but I find it hard to articulate exactly what it is about a single frame that, when executed & captured correctly, feels so good. But I think it is the emotional evocation that occurs when you view an image that you connect with is what I love most. Whatever that emotion is, I don’t think is as important. Feeling something is what is important.

In the 2 years I have been shooting, I think the process of composing stills is the most exciting part. Not knowing if the result will come short or exceed the vision. I love the adventure, risk, failure & elation. I’m excited to continue this journey. To create new work. To diversify. Escape the humdrum & triteness and do it however I want to.

Ultimately, I hope a connection is made with my stills and something is felt – Enjoy

Acquiesce – Rolling energy | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Atlas – A microcosm of oceanic texture | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Brood - A brooding storm overshadows a dark wave | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Collate - Energy pushing white foam to shore | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Crestfallen – A dance of texture and colour | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Doldrums - An ominous dark cloud looming over the sea | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Eruption - Swells colliding at sunrise | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Golden Ray - A vibrant sunset lighting up a single wave amidst a passing storm | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Ice Wall - A crisp morning yielding ice-like walls | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Lit - A vibrant sunrise lighting up a charging wave approaching a shallow reef | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Medusa - Flared hair-like backwash is backlit by the morning sun burning through storm clouds | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Morning Flare – wave, meet backwash | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Paradiso - One of the biggest swells in the last 50 years exploding on the coastline | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Seafarer - A distant glimpse of a rainbow complementing cloudy skies & dark ocean texture | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Sunrise - A lone peak saluting the morning sun | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Wrath - Winds whipping up dark ocean texture amidst a storm | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Words & Photographs // Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Gear // Nikon D810 with 85mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4 and 35mm 1.4, 70-200mm in an Aquatech housing

Edit // Lightroom/Photoshop

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