Agung, we hear you

Some have marveled at him before and wondered how long he would stay silent.
Others climbed him - the ultimate pilgrimage to claim this so-called friendly giant.
But, for most, he has been a place of adoration. A mystery to many, but ultimately a place to question the gods of all creation.

For now, the beautiful beast has awoken, 50 years since his silence has been broken.

It's not the first time he has caused destruction, clearing his path of any likely obstruction. That time around he spared the mother temple, no such chance of a coincidence but instead to be left as an example. For this rich land revolves around more than the eye can see, a constant reminder kept in check by the holy Mother Besakih.

They say silence can be deadly, but his people have forever worshipped this space sacredly. Those who don't believe or deny the power of the “Island of the Gods” are lost, wandering aimlessly and forever will be at odds.

For this island is no place of passage, his tribe has finally spoken to pass on this perhaps unwanted message.

In a bubble of steam, ash, lava and fire, the process begins of rebirth and returning to times of prior. He already remained too many years dormant, finally speaking to remind you of what's important. Life is impermanent and forever changing, so keep the peace, do your part and remain a portal of exchanging. Of information, hugs and smiles, to be a land to "the apostle of gentiles."

For now, we've strayed too far off the path, at a point where we can rewind from creating the aftermath. You may have come to search the depth of your soul while others chose the path of less control.

The choice is yours and yours alone but don't use this land as a place of your own mental war zone. Forever on this island, there has been a battle of good versus evil, but today, we are listening and hope you will pass and leave us peaceful.

So for now, it's time we look at the bigger picture. Gunung, you beauty, we shake in our boots but we thank you for your powerful scripture.

Agung, we hear you…

Poem by Lara Flax @laraflax

Photo - Emma-lee Lovett @em.lovett

Photo - Emma-lee Lovett @em.lovett

Photo - Serge Shakuto @shakuto

Photo - Serge Shakuto @shakuto