The Greek Isles - On our recent Summersite Journey we embark on an adventure with photographer Cait Miers, model Christina Macpherson and Survivor NZ contestant Tom Patterson. Read below how they spend their days sun tanning and getting lost in alleys ways with Havaianas. 


Starting my Greek Odyssey in Mykonos – an island that seemed like a sleepy little town. We were to find out, is anything from sleepy.

Laundry is hung from window to window, cats are perched above incessantly judging, and townsfolk walk by, happy and welcoming. This was the Greece I remember, and it made me glad.

Christina Macpherson @christinamacpherson in Havaianas Origine Espadrille White @havaianas_au | Photo by Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

It's here we wandered the oregano-and-garlic-scented streets for hours.

Tom Paterson @tompaterson_nz wears Havaianas Origine Espadrille Navy White/Bluein @havaianas_au | Photo by Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography


Paros took my breath away. Its valleys are coated in ancient ruins and its mountains are dappled with stone windmills – an obvious nod to a time of long ago. We rode until sunset when the night jasmine bloomed, and the scents of the flowers, salt and diesel made me dreamily drift away.


It is in Santorini that we discovered Red Beach – an incredible cliff face which smells of sienna-coloured earth and stands above the bluest water I have ever seen. It is here we found the perfect setting, taking small breaks in between to buy iced watermelon juice and pineapple bites.

Christina Macpherson @christinamacpherson in Havaianas Origine Espadrille White @havaianas_au | Photo by Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

We rode for an hour or so along the coast, around the winding mountains and up the steep hills covered in wildflowers until we arrived at Oia – the town many would recognize from photographs and postcards.

Christina Macpherson @christinamacpherson in Havaianas You Metallic Sand Grey/Light Golden @havaianas_au | Photo by Cait Miers @caitmiersphotographyWe walked through the cobbled paths that were dense with tourists, and what stood out for me was that nobody was looking around.

Tom Paterson @tompaterson_nz in Havaianas Australia @havaianas_au | Photo by Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

This was Greece, and boy was it magic.

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Photography // Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

Footwear // Shop the collection from this shoot here Havaianas Australia @havaianas_au

Models // Christina Macpherson @christinamacpherson and Tom Paterson @tompaterson_nz

Bespoke Greek Islands travel experience courtesy of The Travel Project @thetravelprojectco