All my life I've been drawn to the ocean. From growing up in a town of 500 people with the most natural, stunning beaches, clear ocean waters, mother nature was calling me, to learn to surf...

Fast forward 15 years, I find myself calling Bali, Indonesia my home and I'm travelling from one exotic, Pacific island to the next, following my passions; of surfing and photography.

What else could I ask for?

These stunning, natural, sun - bleached, surfer girls around me, laughing, riding waves, being real... talking of our experiences, our life stories... catching barrels, calling each other into waves, was this a dream!??

It was reality, my reality... 2017, was magical, my dreams and inspirations manifested these adventures, these positive, like minded people around me. Everyday I was meeting someone digitally or in person and I knew; this was meant to happen...

Some people don't believe in faith, some don't believe in manifestation, I'll tell you now, it's real and this is a visual display of how real it can be :)

Under and over | Photo by Fiona Peters @fionapeters

Kate | Photo by Fiona Peters @fionapeters

Boarding | Photo by Fiona Peters @fionapeters

Surf Squad | Photo by Fiona Peters @fionapeters

HT's Barrel | Photo by Fiona Peters @fionapeters

Double Wave | Photo by Fiona Peters @fionapeters

Abi on the pool edge | Photo by Fiona Peters @fionapeters

Kori | Photo by Fiona Peters @fionapeters

Words & Photographs // Fiona Peters @fionapeters

Gear // Canon 5D Mark III

Edit // Lightroom & Photoshop

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