1. Brinkley's Heart Reef OdysseyBy Jon Laurenson | Featuring Brinkley Davies

    The Whitsunday sea plane to Whitehaven Beach and Heart Reef might just be the coolest thing I have ever done . . .

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  2. The Cheeky Tiwi IslandsBy Emily Hutchinson | Featuring Jacob Boylan

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  3. Timor-Leste: A Travel JournalFeaturing Clean Coast Collective

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  4. East from almost SteepFeaturing Nick Sullivan

    On a whim, I wrangled together 5 mates and crammed into a van to travel from coast to coast across Australia.

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  5. Dirk Hartog Island - Islands of OZFeaturing Sebby Hartog

    Sebby Hartog's recount of travelling to Dirk Hartog Island for the 400th Anniversary of his bloodline ancestor Dirk Hartog's Western Australian landing in 1616.

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  6. Sebby does Dirk 400 years onBy Jon Laurenson | Featuring Sebastian Hartog

    Sebby Hartog and friends explore his ancestors footsteps on the 400 year anniversary of Dirk Hartog landing on Dirk hartog Island at Cape Inscription.

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  7. Sardinian SojournBy Jon Laurenson | Featuring Tahnee Atkinson

    We needed to get a little European summer in our blood. It was a tough choice between Sardinia and Sicily

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  8. The TempestFeaturing Stephanie Gilmore

    We are absolutely foaming on this clip of the amazing Steph Gilmore as The Tempest by the always talented crew at Monster Children

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  9. Caravan SoulBy Ash Schumann | Featuring Georgia Ansell

    Nestled in the heart of Byron is Cosmic Garden - a camping ground with a distinct otherworldly feel. Georgia Ansell enriches her caravan soul on a trip to the...

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  10. VahineBy Lagoon Collective | Featuring Vahine Fierro

    Tahiti's Vahine Fierro loves to surf and dance with her family. We caught up with Vahine surfing, dancing and enjoying Southern California during the summer...

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  11. Trailblazer ChelseaBy Lagoon Collective | Featuring Chelsea Tuach

    Chelsea embodies what women's professional surfing is today with her strong personality, big heart and mature perspective on life.

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  12. The Cross and Bone Osaka hustleFeaturing Zoe Cross

    Holy culture shock Batman, this girl loves Japan. Although I had a ball in Tokyo, Osaka definitely stole my heart. I got lost too many times and I didn't care...

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  13. The Kimberley QuestFeaturing Tom Iffla

    Tommy Iffla recently set out with a couple of mates on a 5500km photography road trip into the Kimberleys along the Gibb River Road in the North West Australia...

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  14. Miss KerrzyBy Lagoon Collective | Featuring Sierra Kerr

    At just 9 years old, you would be forgiven for questioning Sierra Kerr's age when she drops into a vert ramp or skate bowl and stomps tricks with effortless...

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  15. The Doll SessionsBy Lagoon Collective | Featuring Kelia Moniz and Bruna Schmitz

    Kelia and Bruna surfing the Doll House sessions at Manhattan Beach, California.

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  16. Cali POP surf sessionsBy Lagoon Collective | Featuring Stephanie Gilmore, Kelia Moniz, Bruna Schmitz

    Crushing the ROXY POP Surf sessions in Cali with the Lagoon Collective

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  17. Blood from a stoneBy Lagoon Collective

    We follow the journey of a skateboarder's struggles and philosophies, growing up 220 km's from the worlds most isolated city.

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  18. Chasing the Sun - Olive at RottoBy Olive Cooke

    We jumped on a friends yacht and sailed over from Fremantle on a picture perfect summer day. The water colour is a ridiculous blue sparkle, I swear this is...

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  19. Happy WA Day - Raw WestBy Lagoon Collective | Featuring Ed Triglone and Tim Swallow

    Adventure is a word synonymous with the expansive state of Western Australia. Happy WA day.

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  20. Rottnest Island - Islands of OZBy Jon Laurenson | Featuring Felicity Palmateer, Ellie-Jean Coffey, Olive Cooke

    Felicity Palmateer, Ellie Jean Coffey, Olive Cooke and friends explore the magic of Rottnest Island in Western Australia.

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  21. Possum pestsBy Jon Laurenson | Featuring Mad Joe and Js

    Mad Joe and JS were interrogated at Christchurch airport cause Jo was acting a bit weird and so customs thought they were trafficking drugs. A strict diet of...

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  22. Flick and Ellie surf RottoBy Jon Laurenson | Featuring Flick Palmateer and Ellie Jean Coffey

    Flick Palmateer and Ellie Jean Coffey explore Rottnest Island in the Indian Ocean of WA.

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  23. PULPFeaturing Noa Deane

    Shane Fletchers new surf film on Noa Deane

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  24. The 3 Amigos in Byron BayBy Lagoon Collective | Featuring Kelia Moniz, Monyca Eleogram, Bruna Schmitz

    ROXY x Summersite with the 3 Amigos - Monyca Eleogram, Kelia Moniz and Bruna Schmitz chasing the sun through the beautiful rainforest beaches of Byron Bay.

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  25. Darwin to Sydney - Hot and SaucyBy Lagoon Collective | Featuring Tim Swallow, Olive Cooke, Ed Triglone

    On the hot and saucy road to Sydney from Darwin - a big vast wide land of sunburnt country.

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  26. The AbysseFeaturing Hanalei Reponty

    The power of women, their mysterious sensuality and a need to always be connected to the ocean.

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  27. Himalayan Halfway HouseFeaturing Raph Bruhwiler, Nate Zoller & Chris McPherson

    The halfway house is a base camp for drifters and degenerates who seek whiskey, women and motorcycles. Here we find Roark.

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  28. A Bikini Kinda Life: On FilmBy Hayden O'Neill | Featuring Avril Rae

    Hayden O'Neill filmed Avril Rae Alexander loving her bikini kinda life in the latest Billabong women's bikini collection.

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  29. A Bikini Kinda LifeFeaturing Elyse Knowles and Rocky Barnes

    Taking us to the most spectacular corners of the globe, guaranteed to induce 'pinch yourself' moments.

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  30. The Bahama StumbleFeaturing Karina Petroni & David Mitchell

    Producing your own electricity, catching your own drinking water. Island life presents challenges often not visible to those looking outside in.

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  31. The Cinder ConeBy William Blackburn

    A treehouse for living, a skate bowl for skating and a hot tub for tubbing.

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  32. Filipino PrincesaFeaturing Liss Connell & Grace Picot

    After visiting the whale shark village of Donsol we jumped onto a short flight from Legazpi to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, the westernmost island province of the...

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  33. It's Tropical: BarbadosFeaturing Cody Thompson

    Carl Rosen from Perversion Magazine hits tropical Barbados with Florida surfer Cody Thompson. This is fun stuff.

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  34. Flatground ForeverBy William Blackburn | Featuring LRG Clothing

    The lifted minds at LRG Clothing have pieced together this stylish homage to the universal home of skateboarding: flat ground.

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  35. Gigi for SeafollyFeaturing Gigi Hadid

    Gigi Hadid is the bikini model of the moment... here she is as the new face of Seafolly.

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  36. Byron bay Surf BUZZ

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  37. Chasing the sun TONGAFeaturing Chrystal Fitzgerald, Lauren Hill, Ming Nom Chong

    Deep pacific blues, calm sanctuaries where humpbacks congregate, forested vistas, dormant volcanoes and an ancient Stonehenge dated to around 1200.

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Travel Guides

  1. Darwin and Tiwi Islands

    We explore the Northern Territory outback, the local Darwin food, bar and music scene and the nearby Tiwi Islands for a cultural hit and some infamous Barra fishing with the local indigenous guides.

  2. The Whitsundays travel guide

    "I''ve travelled around the world and the most beautiful place i have ever seen is in our backyard - the Whitsundays” - Emily Hutchinson @emelinaah
    We planned a fun 8-day Whitsunday holiday filled with reef diving, island hopping, water activities and plenty of time to relax. The trip kicked off with three days in Airlie Beach which was enough time to chat to the locals and get the inside story on the best things to do and explore in the Whitsundays. Every conversation pointed to two things: a one-day Cruise Whitsundays dive trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef and a sea plane flight over Heart Reef and Whitehaven Beach with Air Whitsunday. Then we spent four leisurely days on a #gobareboating catamaran exploring the 74 Whitsunday Islands. Thanks to our very own skipper (a local who knew just the right places), we stumbled across our own secret beaches, found hidden gems and watched the tropical Whitsunday world go by. Our trip ended with an overnight stay on glorious Hamilton Island - and a chance to mix water sports and hiking activities with chill outs by the resort pool and enjoy quality restaurant and cocktail time. [caption id="attachment_14579" align="alignnone" width="1350"] seychelles, chasing the sun, travel, fashion, lifestyle, womens sur[/caption] [caption id="attachment_14598" align="alignnone" width="1350"] seychelles, chasing the sun, travel, fashion, lifestyle, womens surf[/caption]

  3. Colombia

    A vibrant mixture of colourful people and untouched places, Colombia is an untapped resource, the result of a rocky past and fabricated stereotypes.

  4. Rottnest Island travel guide

    The extraordinary beauty of Rottnest Island through the eyes of local Olive Cooke. Rotto sits just 19kms from Fremantle, Western Australia and is a wild and unique piece of Aussie paradise. Get your Rottnest Island travel guide by local influencer Olive Cooke

  5. Madagascar travel guide

    Lucy Small exploring the coasts, surf and villages of Madagascar.

  6. Cuba

    A place of crumbling splendor and jeweled seas, of derelict buildings emblazoned with the revolutionary flag. This is a changing Cuba.

  7. Palawan

    This is your guide to Palawan in the Phillippines by Life in the Slow Lane's Liss Connell and Grace Picot

  8. Traversing Namibia

    Traversing Namibia by road. Wild and free in the African desert of Namibia by Elise Hassey

  9. Mo'orea travel guide

    Come and visit tropical paradise of Mo'orea, Tahiti. Travel guide by Alesha Saliba of Billabong Australia. Featuring Elyse Knowles and Rocky Barnes

  10. Bora Bora travel guide

    Is paradise calling? This is your guide to Bora Bora, Tahiti.

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