Jon Laurenson

Jon Laurenson is the publisher and creative director behind Summersite Media and The Summersite in print – a travel and lifestyle magazine. But that’s only what he’s up to right now.

He’s a bit of a visionary, a ghostwriter behind countless brands, products and ventures.

You probably didn’t know that his first ever gig in the world of business was a job making and distributing boomerangs and brewing beer with a bunch of hippies in Perth, Western Australia. But that was when he was only 14. He just wanted to make a bit of cash and surf all day with his mates. Not much has changed really.

You might know that his history includes heading up sales and marketing for Arnette sunglasses in their boom time of the late 90’s and then co-founding Electric Visual in 2000. He put his head down, worked hard (still surfing) and turned a small time start up into a multi-million dollar brand. But no biggie really, he was chasing the next challenge and quickly moved to take on the fashion industry. As the Australian distributor for Poko Pano Bikinis and Brixton he established a finesse for nurturing niche brands, something he’s continued to do with his involvement in Vampirate Surfboards, Fallen Broken Street, The Anchor Bar Bondi and Komune at Keramas in Bali.

With a growing crowd of surf, style and travel inclined creatives trailing in his wake, Summersite was realized by Jon well before pen was put to paper. “With Summersite I wanted to provide a platform to develop the best up and coming creative producers along with the crew I’ve enjoyed working with over the years,” he says. For Jon, the magazine concept is an amalgamation of every story he’s told, every idea he’s fostered on his travels and the people he’s brought together on the way. “The purpose of this magazine is to inspire people to travel, get out of their own backyard and enjoy the moment and everything this crazy little world has to offer.”

“I always had this kooky dream to be a magazine publisher – which seems a bit of a pipe dream in this era of digital media and the big shift of content to online platforms. But print isn’t really dead. Just like the vinyl is to the music industry, there will always be a place for a beautifully printed “coffee table” style magazine. It’s in the quality of the paper, or the weight of the magazine in your hands and the inspiration you can always refer too.”

Summersite draws together all the facets of Jon’s career, from boomerang-wrangling to high fashion and surf culture. You’d be hard pressed to find a character more ingrained in the Australian creative industry than Jon Laurenson. Summersite isn’t just a project, it’s the product of a life of big adventures and even bigger ambitions.

He does it for THE LOVE and ODYSSEY.

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