Leila Joy

My photography and writing style is constantly evolving and changing as I grow and develop as a person. I am increasingly more drawn to what’s ‘raw’, trying to capture the essence of a person or place, their vulnerability, their whole, the life inside them. 

Telling stories and sharing moments of spontaneity and purity.

I have a terrible thirst for adventure and travel. A want to explore the world, camera in hand. Foreign places, memories, strangers, and explorations of light. Feeling alive.

With my fashion body of work, I am inspired by the models as people rather than as mannequins, and by the locations we’re in. It’s an exciting process, having that freedom of creativity to be able to work in an organic way, with place and person as muses, incorporating style to evoke an overall mood and make a vision into something tangible.

I’d love to keep working with fashion and portraiture, working on creative projects, and doing freelance photojournalism. I want to travel the world and working on projects that I am passionate about.