The Heli Pub tour begins from Darwin // @caitmiersphotography

Ahh Darwin. The heroic capital of what is arguably the most colloquial state in Australia. The only thing more Australian than Darwin is Vegemite. It’s the place where the nostalgic reminisce of the Aussie golden era lives on.

The Heli Pub Crawl – “need I say more”

If something with a little more adrenaline is more your cup of English breakfast, then let us introduce the Helicopter pub crawl by Airborne Solutions. To be honest I don’t need to say much more than that – the name accurately encapsulates its sheer awesomeness.

We met the legends at Airbourne Solutions and took off in our chopper squad from Darwin around 10am. Our schedule was a 3 pub tour. We had 6 people in our crew which meant we flew in 2 choppers. That was extra awesome cause we got to wave and speak to each other across the air as we flew and checked out the great outback scenes of the Aussie NT

We fueled up for our big day on the heli tour with a next level breakfast at the ultra cool Alley Cats Patisserie. The healthy local produce menu was absolutely scrumptious with amazing variety. // Photo @caitmiersphotography

The spectacular scenery just out of Darwin from a birds eye Heli view // Photo @caitmiersphotography

First stop was The Crab Claw Island Resort which has spectacular scenery across the water with very relaxed pub vibes set in the mangroves of Bynoe Harbour. This is a very popular fishing destination and a perfect lunch spot to enjoy the view with a coldie.

Crab Claw Island Resort Photo @Caitmiersphotography


The Heli Pub crawl from Darwin throughout the Northern Territory outback // Emily and Jacob in Thrills clothes and Fallen Broken Street hat // Photo @caitmiersphotography


Emily Hutchinson checking out the bay of Crab Claw Island resort // Emily in Thrills Co and Fallen Broken Street // Photo @caitmiersphotography


Jacob doing a little croc searching at Crab Claw Island // Thrills Co and Fallen Broken Street hat // Photo @caitmiersphotography


Emily and Jacob Cruising at Crab Claw Island resort // @caitmiersphotography

Next we visited the Darwin River Tavern and caught up with owner Scott and his “pet” water buffaloes. This amazing pub has a beautiful manicured beer garden combined with classic Aussie paraphernalia and pool table room inside filled with your typical outback friendly locals.

Play a game of pool with the local punters and settle in for what is arguable the world’s best burger. The pub food here is exceptional.

Scott helps run a program called Wild Care in the local area which provides a support network for carers of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife – hence his 2 pet water buffalo!!

A classic old school post office sits behind the pub which adds to the classic outback Aussie vibe.

You can also drive here from Darwin in just over an hour too.

Emily and Jacob tucking into a massive burger and a cold beer at the Darwin River Tavern. // @caitmiersphotography

Emily getting to know the locals at the Darwin River Hotel // Photo @caitmiersphotography

The pet water buffalo at Darwin River Hotel that were rescued as part of WILDCARE // @caitmiersphotography

Classic pub paraphernalia // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Emily and Jacob in the NT // Photo @caitmiersphotography

The Darwin River Hotel // Photo @caitmiersphotography

The long road to the NT outback // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Next stop Goat Island // Emily Hutchinson enjoying the Heli Pub Crawl // Photo @caitmiersphotography

The chopper squad with Airbourne Solutions heli pub crawl // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Last but in no conceivable way least is Goat Island Lodge - located upstream of the Adelaide River. Without further adieu I give you Kai Hansen and his singing dogs. Australia’s got talent has no idea what it’s missing. A tip for the wise – make sure you leave enough time toward the end of the pub crawl to truly soak in Kai’s majestic story telling ability. What a character!

Set up river in a crocodile paradise Kai’s location and lodge has to be seen to be believed.

Goat Island Lodge is hidden in there // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Jacob and Emily lounging at Goat Island Lodge // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Without further adieu I give you Kai and his singing dogs. Australia’s got talent has no idea what it’s missing. A tip for the wise – make sure you leave enough time toward the end of the crawl to truly soak in Kai’s majestic story telling ability. What a character!

Kai and his singing dog in duet - Kai on harmonica // Photo @caitmiersphotography

King Kai holding court with another ripping yarn // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Goat Island vibes with Emily Hutchinson // Thrills Co // Photo @caitymiersphotography

Emily Hutchinson in Thrills Co on Goat Island NT // Photo @caitmiersphotography

The view down river // Emily Hutchinson in Thrills co // Photo @caitmiersphotography

The termite mounds ant architecture // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Each time you take off in the Heli you feel like an absolute rock star. While traversing between each pub you get an amazing view of the scenery and local wildlife. We saw wild buffalo and brumbies roaming, amazing birdlife and big salty crocodiles in their natural habitat throughout the vast NT outback and river tributaries. We really felt like we were on safari in a David Attenborough documentary. Throw in the most epic pub stops for cold beer and great food to meet local characters and you have the absolute quintessential NT tour. The Heli Pub Crawl was definitely the most spectacular part of our NT visit.

The great NT // Photo @caitmiersphotography

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Featuring // Emily Hutchinson @emelinaah & Jacob Boylan @jacobmandude
Wardrobe // Thrills Co, Fallen Broken Street hats
Heli Pub Crawl // Airbourne Solutions
Locations // Darwin, Crab Claw Island Resort, Darwin River Tavern, Goat Island Lodge
Music // ‘Moving Along’ by Ben Evolent

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