Heres a new product that is a bit of a doozy for all your sun loving sandgropers who dont like getting torched by your local sea breeze.

The humble beach umbrella gets a fundamental update with the mighty Finbrella. The Finbrella features a unique, award winning designed "FIN" in the brella that stabilises the "FINBRELLA" to withstand windy beach conditions so you can brave the windy elements longer.
"Made to stay not fly away" is their tagline...

Pretty cool huh.
Bloody great if you like settling in for the long beach sessions without having to worry about your beach umbrella flying away.

The latest Finbrella collection is inspired by the indigenous heritage of the Warakurna people of Western Australia. Finbrella collaborated with the family of Indigenous artist Carol Golding (Dec) and Pulpurru Davies to release a collection of umbrellas featuring colourful Indigenous art designs. This collaboration was made possible by the Warakurna Arts Centre in North Western Australia.
Check out the artists and their stories that inspired the art for this Finbrella collection below. 

Finbrella sitting pretty in the north of WA // Photo @tommyiff

The pink Finbrella has a section of a painting by Warakurna artist Pulpurru Davies who was born in 1927 Warakurna Artists works closely with Wanarn Aged Care Facility to conduct painting sessions with elderly patients. This program nurtures artists who have arguably contributed largely to one of the most significant art movements in Australia. The joyous communal activity has a myriad of positive benefits such as reliving boredom and frustration. Health staff report that this diversional therapy helps to reduce patient’s drug intake and the old people rejoice in sharing and passing on their important Tjukurrpa with their families who visit them when the workshops are conducted. Warakurna Artists is a positive and powerful example of Aboriginal businesses managed and governed by artists and community elders ensuring the wealth of talent and economic returns are retained in the community.

Pulpurru Davies

Carol Maanyatja Golding (Dec) born 1930.  Carol Maanyatja Golding was born at Walu rockhole not far from Warakurna. This painting depicts a story from Carol’s birth country. There were two men and one little boy camping at the Walu rockhole. The men went hunting and left the little boy behind. The men returned with an emu and pulled out its heart. The boy was holding the heart and blood spilt onto the rocks. He ran away with the heart and turned into wind. The emu's blood trail stained the rocks and can still be seen there today.

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