Every so often I find myself grappling with the compulsion to climb inside a music video and take a look around. You know, get myself right in there and go for a gander. The urge was strong for Ok Go’s “WTF”, and even more so for Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”.

The video for “Mountain at My Gates”, the latest tech-pop, indie banger by Oxford four-piece Foals, does little to summon this compulsion. Instead, it satisfies it.

In a world first for visual/music arts, the band has released an interactive music video which lets viewers manipulate stunning, panoramic footage of them performing via Google Chrome or the Youtube phone app. Fans can explore the band and their London setting in full 360 degree view by moving their phones around, or using their keyboard, receiving a different perspective and performance with each view. 

It’s virtual reality madness, working to progress both how we experience music videos and how nuts phone users can look on the train.

Foals once again teamed up with director/effects peddler Nabil to create this spectacle; a video for the second single from their forthcoming album, What Went Down. They used GoPro’s shiny new Spherical technology to make it all work. Stop and smell the branding dollars.

Given its position on the groundbreaker scale, this technology doesn’t work on most other internet browsers. But non-Chrome-ians rejoice, Foals will be appearing in actual, Australian reality at the Falls and Southbound festivals this summer. Though anyone trying to climb inside those performances may be met by the sweaty grip of festival security. You have been warned.