Glitch in Time is the current East Coast tour of Australia by the creative wizards at Fallen broken Street and Byron Bay man band Mt Warning. Tripping on down the highway in the now legendary FbS festival bedford school bus and accompanied by a bunch of their mates and obligatory cold cases of the Young Henry's variety, this live rock n roll road show is coming to a town near you to play, stay and disobey. Enter the cloakroom here...

We've been talking a while about getting this bus on the road, me and the crew at FallenBROKENstreet. We wanted to be off the grid, free to roam and outside of the boundaries that we've clashed with before. It's not that we hate rules, they just seem to get us in trouble, so this was a way to make fun over trouble.....

We planned a 6am departure from Bryon to get to Southbank for Brisbane Festival, at 7.30 or so, we finally got the bus jump started and took off. Heading toward Brisbane this time of year is like walking into a furnace on a hot day. The driver of the bus this morning was Swannie from The Swamps, a travelled man, a hardened man, who was losing his shit by the time we got to Logan as the engine heat and traffic tested all his patience. I waited up the back of the bus, it's quiet back there, sneaking ciggies and playing guitar. Being on the road is good for music.

Mikey B of MT Warning en route to Bris Fest for Glitch in Time 1st stop

We drive in 15 minutes late and the organisers were already shaking their heads at us, we weren't in Kansas anymore, the life we live in Byron Bay sticks out like dog balls once among the normal folk of the world. It was 50 degrees in the sun and I set to work loading the speakers, amps, guitars and drum machines onto the roof of the bus. There's no way of soundchecking an open space so once I was plugged in I just began the experiment of translating the band sound I make on records by hitting loop pedals recording guitar bits, laying in drum hits and trying to think one step ahead of the song to build a crescendo. It's an obscure practice at the best of times.

The sun beat down and the jams came together, I belted out tunes to the passers by, to our crew slinging hats and jewellery and a couple homeless guys who I felt strangely connected to, then we locked eyes and I knew an interaction was about to occur. He points at the mic and he's holding some thin PVC pipe, there's a Ti-Tree bottle jammed in the bottom. I've got this massive loop playing so I get him up and he starts playing this pipe, impeccably! Then he starts singing and it's like Eddie Vedder from Into The Wild era, but he's singing all these words of olden times and the crowd is mesmerised. I was dropped to my knees, he was shaking and singing and people were pushing in closer and closer, the same people who would normally give this guy a wide berth on the footpath. These are the moments I want to collect on this journey. We were in the midst of the Brisbane Festival, underneath the ferris wheel, the staff warmed to us over the 3 performances and understood we weren't rude or dangerous, just a bit different. 

mikey b - MT Warning

Set up for Bris Fest from the air | Photo Justin Crawford @thecrawfordcosmos

MT Warning drum set on the roof | Photo Justin Crawford @thecrawfordcosmos

Mt Warning midday Bris Fest jam on the bus - this is Glitch in Time | Photo Justin Crawford @thecrawfordcosmos

Brisbane city shapes | Photo Justin Crawford @thecrawfordcosmos

Mt Warning pedals | Photo Justin Crawford @thecrawfordcosmos

MT's suitcase | Photo Justin Crawford @thecrawfordcosmos

Mikey Bee is Mt Warning | Photo Justin Crawford @thecrawfordcosmos

Mt Warning X Fallen broken Street in Glitch in Time - Brisfest | Photo Justin Crawford @thecrawfordcosmos

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Photography // Justin Crawford @thecrawfordcosmos
Film // Claudia Rose Morehead @claudiaxrose
Music // MT Warning @mtwarning
Produced // Fallen broken Street @fallenbrokenstreet
Fluids, Fuel and Sanity // Young Henrys @younghenrys