Roark is in Nepal, in search of spiritual ruin.

He has been guided from Kathmandu to a halfway house run by a wayward Sadhu, high in the Himalayas. He searches for a magical down-railer, shaped by a master of the shortboard revolution and lost on the hippy trail over 40 years ago.

The halfway house is a base camp for drifters, degenerates, lost trekkers and criminals who seek whiskey, women and motorcycles. 

Will enlightenment be fast enough to chase him down?

The collection suits the climate of the temperate Kathmandu valley and the rugged cold of the Himalayas. Mysticism permeates the goods and Nepalese textile prints adorn the garments. Karma guides the way.

Director, Filmer, Editor // Joel Knoernschild
Narrator // Kevin O'Sullivan
Producers // Ryan Hitzel, Ryan Sirianni & Brandy Faber

Special thanks to Summit Asia and Insight Himalayas