It's 6am on a Saturday morning and I worked late last night. I am woken by the sounds of my housemate Nick Pollet strumming his electric guitar soothingly for his sleeping girlfriend Shana, who later stomps up the stairs, rolling her eyes and declaring "I f*cking hate it when he does that". But all is forgiven when Nick brews us both a fine cup of coffee, then settles in to check his laptop and discover that his new track had another 2,000 plays on Spotify overnight.

Nick makes one half of the musical duo Les Krills - who recently piqued the interest of Aussie ears with their ultra-catchy debut single 'The West'. The other half of the duo - Alain de Carne is currently halfway down the coast en route to the Mountain Sounds Festival with another of his musical ventures - the surf-rockers knows as Tropical Zombie. He's the kind of creative genius who lives and breathes music. Who can singlehandedly write and record a new track between breakfast and dinner and whose Suffolk Park abode is generally brimming with musos from around the world - banding together like a flock of highly talented avians - desperate to nail that perfectly harmonious 'F Sharp' or whatever it is that musos do..

The pair came together just 6 months ago when their shared love for a good ol' indie-folk jamming sesh turned into something a little more serious. Since then, they've been on a creative journey - writing, recording and producing whenever they can - which culminated in the release of 'The West' just a few weeks ago. Triple J were quick to catch on, and it wasn't long before the track made its first on-air debut. It's also received high praise in the social media world, with pro-surfers Gabriel MedinaAlana Blanchard and Matt Wilkinson sharing the love to their combined following of more than 7 million people.

With Nick's background in film-making, it was a no-brainer that they were going to end up creating an extraordinary film clip to accompany the tune. Telling the story of a pair of European explorers who first explored the islands off Western Australia, it's a surprisingly artistic short film when you consider the amount of fun and laughter that went into it. With a number of epic new tracks in the works, I'll definitely be happy to put up with a few more early morning wake-up calls just to see where it all leads..

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Band // Les Krills @leskrills

Band members // Alain de Carne @alaindecarne and Nick Pollet @nickpollet

Filming // Nat Collins @natcollinstv

Filming // Adam Robertson @robdawg440_films

Filming and Editing // Nick Pollet @nickpollet

Story // Anna Jordan @annajordan89