1. The Road to Teahupo'oBy Anna Jordan | Featuring Matt Wilkinson

    For the most part, Matt is out there completely alone trying to familiarise himself with the wave that has been responsible for some of his career’s most...

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  2. Bora BoraBy Steve Baccon | Featuring Elyse Knowles & Rocky Barnes

    Being asked to do a shoot in Bora Bora, Tahiti is not really a question. The answer is always going to be yes.

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  3. A Bikini Kinda LifeFeaturing Elyse Knowles and Rocky Barnes

    Taking us to the most spectacular corners of the globe, guaranteed to induce 'pinch yourself' moments.

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  4. Moto Pipe DreamsBy Jon Laurenson | Featuring Robbie Maddison

    FMX freak Robbie Maddison takes his dirt bike to the waves of Tahiti. I’m sure I don't want to see this on a regular basis...

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  5. Chaos and Carnage: FinalsBy Ted Grambeau

    "The whole day was a mixture of perfect surf meets fear and chaos." Day seven. Finals day.

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  6. Chaos and Carnage: Day 6By Ted Grambeau

    Day six. The most dangerous reef, the world's best surfers and one swell to rule them all.

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  7. Lay Day TahitiBy Ted Grambeau

    With the Billabong Comp still on hold the surfers get a chance to relax and take in the culture of Tahiti.

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  8. Chaos and Carnage: Day 2 and 3By Ted Grambeau

    The Billabong Pro is put on hold. Ted explores Tahiti and reflects on the best wipeouts over the last two days.

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  9. Chaos and Carnage: Day 1By Ted Grambeau

    Day one. The most dangerous reef, the world’s best surfers and one swell to rule them all.

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  10. The Chaos and the CarnageBy Lily Keenan | Featuring Ted Grambeau

    The most dangerous reef, the world’s best surfers and one swell to rule them all.

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  11. TeahupooBy Ted Grambeau

    The majestic beauty of the awesome Teahupoo in Tahiti by world renowned surf travel photographer Te Grambeau

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Travel Guides

  1. Darwin and Tiwi Islands

    We explore the Northern Territory outback, the local Darwin food, bar and music scene and the nearby Tiwi Islands for a cultural hit and some infamous Barra fishing with the local indigenous guides.

  2. The Whitsundays travel guide

    "I''ve travelled around the world and the most beautiful place i have ever seen is in our backyard - the Whitsundays” - Emily Hutchinson @emelinaah
    We planned a fun 8-day Whitsunday holiday filled with reef diving, island hopping, water activities and plenty of time to relax. The trip kicked off with three days in Airlie Beach which was enough time to chat to the locals and get the inside story on the best things to do and explore in the Whitsundays. Every conversation pointed to two things: a one-day Cruise Whitsundays dive trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef and a sea plane flight over Heart Reef and Whitehaven Beach with Air Whitsunday. Then we spent four leisurely days on a #gobareboating catamaran exploring the 74 Whitsunday Islands. Thanks to our very own skipper (a local who knew just the right places), we stumbled across our own secret beaches, found hidden gems and watched the tropical Whitsunday world go by. Our trip ended with an overnight stay on glorious Hamilton Island - and a chance to mix water sports and hiking activities with chill outs by the resort pool and enjoy quality restaurant and cocktail time. [caption id="attachment_14579" align="alignnone" width="1350"] seychelles, chasing the sun, travel, fashion, lifestyle, womens sur[/caption] [caption id="attachment_14598" align="alignnone" width="1350"] seychelles, chasing the sun, travel, fashion, lifestyle, womens surf[/caption]

  3. Colombia

    A vibrant mixture of colourful people and untouched places, Colombia is an untapped resource, the result of a rocky past and fabricated stereotypes.

  4. Rottnest Island travel guide

    The extraordinary beauty of Rottnest Island through the eyes of local Olive Cooke. Rotto sits just 19kms from Fremantle, Western Australia and is a wild and unique piece of Aussie paradise. Get your Rottnest Island travel guide by local influencer Olive Cooke

  5. Madagascar travel guide

    Lucy Small exploring the coasts, surf and villages of Madagascar.

  6. Cuba

    A place of crumbling splendor and jeweled seas, of derelict buildings emblazoned with the revolutionary flag. This is a changing Cuba.

  7. Palawan

    This is your guide to Palawan in the Phillippines by Life in the Slow Lane's Liss Connell and Grace Picot

  8. Traversing Namibia

    Traversing Namibia by road. Wild and free in the African desert of Namibia by Elise Hassey

  9. Mo'orea travel guide

    Come and visit tropical paradise of Mo'orea, Tahiti. Travel guide by Alesha Saliba of Billabong Australia. Featuring Elyse Knowles and Rocky Barnes

  10. Bora Bora travel guide

    Is paradise calling? This is your guide to Bora Bora, Tahiti.

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