We both knew nothing about South Australia, even though it was so close to our home in Melbourne, it seemed like the underdog of Australian states and territories.

So, with our mutual love of photography and coastlines, we decided to put aside one week of our mid semester break, borrow my grandpa’s old work van and tackle the Yorke Peninsula.

The amount of times we drove off forgetting that we opened this sliding door // Photo by Courtney Blythe @courtney_blythe

The mystery of not knowing what to expect made the trip so exciting, and luckily for us, South Australia provided the goods.

From bright green rolling hills that met the ocean, to road side salt lakes in the middle of deserted farmland, each day brought perpetual diversity. We couldn’t help but constantly stop the van to capture the incredible landscapes we were seeing!

Sellicks Beach, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia // Photo by Courtney Blythe @courtney_blythe

Photo by Courtney Blythe @courtney_blythe

Morning light catching @rubyr111 in action // Photo by Courtney Blythe @courtney_blythe

With no aux cord in the good old 1996 Toyota Hiace, we managed to press enough buttons to get on Triple J, getting us through the many hours spent on the road.

On the longer travel days, we whipped out the longboard and took advantage of the smooth open highways, making sure to check for the huge trucks flying past at 100km/h.

Breaking up the many hours spent snacking on highways // Photo by Courtney Blythe @courtney_blythe

Truck Check - somewhere between Melbourne and Adelaide // Photo by Courtney Blythe @courtney_blythe

A huge highlight was a day spent in Innes National Park. We had been told by a lovely local man of Marian Bay to check out “Pondy” (Pondalowie Beach) a good surf break for us mediocre surfers. So we parked the van and headed down the track, this time without our cameras in hand.

The waves were crashing far too close to shore for any surf, but Rubes spotted something out in the water. As if the landscape wasn’t dreamy enough, we soon realised it was a whole pod of dolphins playing in the waves! We sat there for over an hour completely mesmerized at these dolphins surfing and sliding through the waves, so free and natural.

Yep, stop right here - Innes National Park, South Australia // Photo by Courtney Blythe @courtney_blythe

Untouched coves of the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia // Photo by Courtney Blythe @courtney_blythe

It sounds cliché but leaving our cameras behind was a blessing in disguise. We were able to soak up the moment for what it was with no distraction of getting the right shot. Sadly a rarity in this day and age.

I think the biggest eye opener of this trip, was how lucky we are to live in a country with such a varied, well preserved coastline that still has sections that you can basically have to yourself.

Having backpacked Asia for over 6 months of last year, I know how easy it is to get caught up in wanting to explore every other part of the world but where you live. But I think us Aussies need a little reminder every now and then of how incredible our own backyard is and that it too, is worth exploring every inch of!

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Words & Photographs by Courtney Blythe // @courtney_blythe www.uninhibited.co