Lucy Washington is a cheeky rad chick from the Northern Beaches of Sydney who is almost famous for being naughty, very mischievous and as the singer of Yuma X who had one of the biggest tracks of 2015 - "Yuma X - Swimming Pool". It's taking her on a new ride and one she certainly didn't expect as a lead singer on stage. Lucy keeps her feet on the ground by going surfing, road tripping to Byron, seeing live gigs and developing her own jewellery label in between making an album for Yuma X.

A lively person who is passionate about having a really good time, whilst having a very good go at the whole damn thing we call "life". Go Lucy. We chatted to Lucy to see whats up next for Yuma X.

Nickname: WASHO…I’m not too happy about it. I’ve been fighting this one since high school. Slowly coming to accept it.

Where are you from and where do you live now? From the Northern Beaches originally. But as a tweener, I did an extended stint over in the States. We lived in Atlanta & then Los Angeles.

What do you love about home? Home right now is Sydney. Hopefully not forever as I enjoy moving around, but I mean how can you not love it here? We have some of the most beautiful beaches, incredible food & a city that has relatively enjoyable nightlife. #KEEPSYDNEYOPEN haha. But seriously.

What are the most fun things to do for you? I'm pretty easy going really. I just enjoy being around people. Friends are fun. So are gigs. Friends & gigs.

Worst vice? I can be pretty fucking impatient. And headstrong.

Best move? Okay, I’m having a bit of a laugh to myself right now because I’m not sure if this is a typo and you’re asking me what the best movie is or if you’re legit asking me best move.
Here goes both…
Movie: Remember The Titans, love everything about this film. From what it represents to the soundtrack to the actors. Left side, strong side.
Move: Ultimate Punch (plz refer to the movie Hot Rod, also a great movie) or a good old hi-5.

Inspired by: The people I’m close with. My family, my bandmate Jake, my friends. I’m inspired by people that defy all odds and stick it to the man. Sometimes I’m inspired by dorky things like a nice sunrise or a film.

Girl Crush? It changes depending on who is inspiring me or killing it at the moment haha. This week it’s Adele. She’s the tits.

Man Crush? Heath Ledger. L always and forever and ever.

Famous for? Nothing hahaha. Being a kook.

Did you study music or arts at university? I tried the Uni thing. I studied Journalism. Didn’t really work out. I wish I studied Nursing though.

I believe you worked with NOVA radio in Sydney. What was your role and what did a typical day at NOVA look like? A typical day at Nova didn’t exist. I started out helping on the integration/ marketing side of things where one day I’d be sending out prizes and the next I was climbing the Harbour Bridge for a live broadcast. In the end, I moved to the production side of things and was assistant producing the night show, but I resigned to study Journalism.

What’s the most outrageous thing that you did at NOVA? Welcomed a Nepalese midget from the airport. At the time the worlds smallest man. That was outrageous. His name was Denghi. He passed away I think. RIP. Haha.

When did you know you could sing? Did you have professional training? I think when Jake and I got a call from a few labels that were interested in talking to us was when I kind of thought I should perhaps stop slagging myself off about not being a good singer and take it a bit more serious. I’ve never really had any professional training besides learning how to warm up. I have had to teach myself how to not lose my voice. Step 1 could perhaps be not talking so much?

How did you get to be singing in YUMA X? I met my bandmate, Jake when we were finishing up high school He’s incredibly talented and we decided to muck around and record some things. Those things then progressed into the project that we now know as Yuma X.

Tell us about the YUMA X journey to date, please? We just started writing songs and made an EP. It was just something we were doing because Jake had been at audio school and was looking for something to do. We didn't really have any plans to release it or anything then when he got in contact with a few mixers to see if he could get in the studio with them and mix his stuff and learn from them a bit, the lord Eric Dubowski himself got back to us.

He does quite a lot of stuff, like Chet Faker, Flight Facilities, Flume etc… And Jake went in with him and mixed all the stuff and he sent it around to a few people and that’s how it started. The Yuma X baby was born.

How have your friends and family reacted to your YUMA X experience? Our friends and family are #1. Whether it's them coming out in masses to support/ heckle us when we play our shows or giving us shit to make sure we remain level headed I honestly couldn’t thank them enough. It has been a while in between releases for us so I swear they may have forgotten we actually are chipping away at an album!

Favourite thing about being on stage? Seeing people get the feels. Nothing else like it. Whether people are enjoying one of our happier songs and having a hell time with their friends or they’re really connecting with some of the deeper & more emotional stuff we’ve written. It's pretty special.

What’s next for YUMA X? Album time, baby!!!! Can’t wait to get this thing done. It’s sounding so good, but all great things take time! This has been one of those things.

What else for Lucy Washington? I have a little jewellery label - Heads Of Tales! It’s pretty rad, I basically hand stamp different metals. Necklaces mainly. It's fun being able to make things with your own two hands! I’ve been doing it for a few years now but this year I’ve taken it up a level with some finer pieces like rose gold and yellow gold. Fancy gal.

How will Lucy celebrate the weekend? Luce is ON this weekend! I’ve been really well behaved lately but this weekend I have some buddies in town.

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Interview // Jon Laurenson
Talent // Lucy Washington @lucywashington @weareyuma_x
All photographs supplied by Lucy Washington