Drive through, a quick takeaway interview with the best in the music industry - Jack, Lachlan, & Alex from Mansionair

If you haven't heard of Mansionair you should go listen to them right now. I can't seem to get past them on my playlist and spend my time pressing the back the button to hear them again. They play the type of music you can listen to at midnight or midday and their lyrics are incredibly catchy so I often find myself singing along, to the disappointment of whoever is with me at the time. If this hasn't convinced you yet, Mansionair is about to go on one of the biggest tours of their career, supporting London Grammer along with James Vincent McMorrow, The Kite String Tangle and Wafia as well as making an appearance at BIGSOUND Festival in Brisbane in September. We take 5 and find out what they want to cross off their bucket list by 2018.

Favourite festival?

A split between Lost Paradise and Laneway though I heard Fyre festival was pretty great

Best city in the world?

Love the slow European pace of Paris. So we’d have to say that.

Breakfast food whilst on tour?

Depends on where we are! Sometimes there’s no time and you’re literally just grabbing whatever you can before you head off and sometimes it’s like a full on breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Jack Froggatt, Lachlan Bostock and Alex Nicholls from Mansionair @mansionair // Photo by Charlie Hardy

Jack Froggatt, Lachlan Bostock and Alex Nicholls from Mansionair @mansionair // Photo by @_alicefraser_

Current playlist?

That new Tourist song with Ardyn is so good. Driving music all the way. And Tyler’s new album is huge.

Where do you jam/write?

We have a converted garage studio space at Lachlan’s house where we write most of our stuff but we’re finding more often that we’re bouncing around different studios in Sydney recently.

Jack Froggatt, Lachlan Bostock and Alex Nicholls from Mansionair @mansionair // Photo by @kieraniki


Dream collaboration and what would it sound like?

We think a dream collaboration for us would come in the form of different mediums? Like a director like Jonas Lindstroe or Spike Jones.

After show ritual?

I wish we could say we’re all monster party animals but we’re really not. Everyone just hangs out and has a few beers.

What do you want to cross off your bucket list before 2018?

Would love to do a writing retreat in the Indian Countryside.

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You can catch Mansionair at BIGSOUND Festival in Brisbane on September 5-8. Check the site for full details