Cute as a button, savvy on a skateboard. Sierra Kerr is one of the most naturally talented, competitive and also sweetest girls you are ever likely to meet. At just 9 years old, you would be forgiven for questioning her age when she drops into a vert ramp or skate bowl and stomps tricks with effortless style. She also loves to go golfing, skurfs with her dog behind the family boat and likes to pull into barrels twice her size with her aim being to surf better than her Dad "Kerrzy".

Fueling her passion for surf and skate is her father and professional WCT competitive surfer, Josh Kerr, who introduced Sierra to skating when she was four. Within a few short years, Sierra wasn’t only skating solo, but confidently popping tricks that someone twice her age would think twice about.

Sierra hopes to be a professional surfer and skater one day soon, but in the meantime her goal is to inspire as many girls as possible to pick up a skateboard or a surfboard and have a go!

The Lagoon Collective boys Tim Swallow and Ed Triglone dropped in to film nd photograph Sierra Kerr during the ROXY Cali Surf Sessions this summer. They found a real character with a typical cheeky grom "I love to take on the world and win" smile

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Surfer/skater Sierra Kerr @sierrakerr
Film and edit by Ed Triglone @blacky_promised_land
Produced by Lagoon Collective @lagoon_collective x Summersite @summersite
Style by ROXY @roxy