Brisbane band Morning Harvey have been lighting up the airwaves lately with their banging Brisbane rock n roll. Polished and loud these guys are going big with their articulate yet tongue in cheek Australian garage sound. We recently interviewed the band after we discovered and featured their song Holy Gun on our recent clip from our adventure to Moreton Island with surfer Matt Wilkinson.

Who is Morning Harvey and where do you originate from?
Morning Harvey is Spencer White , Jackson White & Steve Kempnich. All from Brisbane. 

Where do you jam and create the music?
Our little studio and rehearsal is still located under our parents' house in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

Whats your background - Who are your previous bands?
We all grew up pretty close to one another, attended the same primary school. Turns out our fathers went to the same school in the Hunter Valley. All of us got back in touch through a friend's band or bands at some point a few years ago.

Favourite beer?
Peroni I reckon. 

What’s for breaky?
Thai food

Currently listening to?
Youth and young manhood

This latest track Holy Gun is an absolute banger with some classic lyrics – what’s the story behind this track – who is it about?
I had the intro riff recorded somewhere on my phone as something I would probably need "down the track". Pretty frequently I'll go through all the recordings and jog the memory incase I've forgotten something. The intro part always stood out and intrigued me , but it was probably going to be pretty straighty-one-eighty in the form it was in. So the chorus came probably a few months later. The lyrics are loosely painting the picture of a love story from a junkie-like character's perspective - (also up for interpretation).

 What state of mind do you find is best for you write a great song?
 Extremely anxious, hopeless, down-in-the-shit - that works for me just fine. 

How important is Rock n Roll in Brisbane?
As long as it's got some kind of barrier being pushed I think it can be very important.

Do you plan to stay in Brisbane or do you feel you need to move to another city to be successful as a band in Australia?
As soon as you feel comfortable somewhere you've probably outstayed your welcome to some degree (with songwriting that is). I think we're getting to the point of wanting to explore other places, but in due time. 

Who do you consider your biggest inspiration for your music?
My parents probably. They've given me most of my taste and view on music, probably inspired a lot of what a I write too. Not to mention the ongoing support over the years. Just a top notch bunch of people.

Favourite Aussie bands right now?
Methyl Ethyl

What’s the next tour schedule look like?
Starting next month and then throughout the year. 

  • Saturday 29th April - Blurst of Times - Brisbane
  • Saturday 13th May - Gasometer - Melbourne
  • Saturday 20th May - Hudson Ballroom – Sydney

When does the album get released?
Mid/late year

When’s the Holy Gun film clip come out on You Tube?
Very very soon - now. 

A bit of a different approach with this one - the band wanted to show the different 'characters' of an artist both on stage and off stage. 

Vocalist Spencer White said the video is "a fairly loose narrative to follow the song, but we wanted to show more theatrical performances followed by something behind- the-scenes seeming, almost like giving an insight to a band on and off the stage or screen, and the differing characters that come out in each of those environments.” 

Check out the video we produced featuring the song Holy Gun from our Moreton Island adventure here

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Band // Morning Harvey @morningharvey // Song - Holy Gun
Interview // Jon Laurenson @summersite