My Shadow and I is a series of photographs deconstructing one of the world’s most beloved superheroes, the cultural icon Batman.

Mark Vassallo and photographer Kane Skennar together depict Batman as a lone ranger, a sole caped crusader living in his own world.

My Shadow and I explores the notion that unlike most superheroes, Batman does not possess any superpowers. He makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, martial arts skills, an indomitable will, fear, and intimidation. This is what defines him, no weapons, no magic, just himself, alone. My Shadow and I aims to be nostalgic, a little tongue in cheek and a reminder that everyone needs a hero.

We asked photographer Kane Skennar a little more about My Shadow and I:-

The concept reminds me of that brilliant movie Birdman with Michael Keaton but in much more positive light - ha ha  

Do you feel like many people have a shadow that is your hero or at leat you can imagine yourself as this greater “hero” person than you are?

Yes definitely people have a shadow side,but i think from the press release its about everyone has a  hero to look to in this

world wether it be fictional or not….

Has Batman always been your hero or do you have other super heroes that inspire you?

Creative Director Mark Vassallo  has always had a love for  Batman where as i  loved the Phantom  as i was introduced to the comics as a kid from my step father Alby Falzon who had a great love for The Phantom, so maybe thats where i first learned about these god like superhero’s!

How can your shadow self inspire you?

I think in regards to the shadow self, id say its that father/mentor like quality that u see in someone else that maybe is stronger or more fearless that u install in yourself that i guess you could say is your shadow side that drives you to be fearless.

Where is the location for your photos in My Shadow and I? 

Mostly shot in around The Pass and Watego’s Byron Bay Australia

Who are some of the muses?

Harry Henderson of 88 surfboards fame plays the role of Batman riding an 11ft Derek Hynd special.

Byron Bay surfers Soli Bailey, longboard queen Josie Prendergest and Liam Flannigan from the Byron Roadhouse also feature in the images.

Will the images be available to purchase online also?

Yes the images are available from the MCM house in Bondi or at the website 

Thanks Kane looking forward to checking this out at the exhibition.

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Mark Vassallo and Kane Skennar are long time partners in image making and both connected to the ocean and surfing culture in Australia.

Kane Skennar is a photographer who grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Kane is supported by Nikon Australia and Aquatech. His images have appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Stab, and clients include Billabong, Bonds, Roxy and Camilla.

Mark Vassallo is a creative director and fashion stylist. Notable projects include working with Kanye West, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Nicole
Kidman, Mick Jagger, Romance Was Born, Scanlan Theodore and Nike.

MCM House Bondi Beach
24 February - 17 March 2017
180 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach

For further enquiries WWW.MYSHADOWANDI.COM

My Shadow and I by Mark Vassallo and Kane Skennar // @kaneskennar

BATMAN from My Shadow and I by Mark Vassallo and Kane Skennar // @kaneskennar

My Shadow and I by Mark Vassallo and Kane Skennar // @kaneskennar