I am a photographer. 
I always will be, but in this ever changing, evolving, twisted world that we exist in, right now, i’ve found myself open to exploring other medians of expression that run parallel to my 'craft'.
I’m exploring film. Motion. Videos. Movies. Whatever it’s meant to be called.
Earlier this year i was entrusted with making a clip for The Delta Riggs and ended up salvaging a boring notion (a dude dancing in a room shirtless) with a tricky edit. This earned me the directors chair to build the clip to their second single from their upcoming album.
Round two was a completely different concept. Working within the realms of very tight time and budgetary restraints the clip was always going to be a fight to achieve my vision and avoid being cringed upon. - James Adams
This is "NEVER seen this before" by The Delta Riggs