MT WARNING has revealed the video for “When It All Bleeds Out”, an emotive first slice from his forthcoming EP Petrified Heart, which will be good’n’ready for your earholes in just a few days.  

*sets iPhone alarm*

The single unites jaunty acoustic lines - all too typical of frontman Mikey Bee’s Byron Bay domain - with a sparse and brooding rhythm track, some very poignant vocals, as well as harrowing atmospheres because heartbreak. The result? Get back to me in a week, when you still haven't got that chorus line out of your head.

Of the slick video clip (think Dresden Dolls meets Bowie’s “Be My Wife”), Bee had this to say:

“I see music as theatre in my own weird way, and I felt by becoming a character hidden with makeup that I could infuse my performance with something deeper, that I would have to dig deeper to bring the earnestness to the forefront. This video is about the eyes, those windows to the soul, and beyond the makeup, the paint, the 80's diva performance, it's just a guy searching for his own truth, pleading with his own eyes.”

MT WARNING’s Petrified Heart EP is set for release Friday, July 10.