There are few things more beautiful than a summer afternoon. Val and I decided to go exploring down a dirt track to one of the back beaches. The sun was low in the sky, the air was warm and the water warmer. There was no one on the beach but us and the birds, and we had nowhere to be except for here. 

Down dirt track roads to secret beaches // Photo by Kim Akrigg @kimakriggphotography

Is there anything better than the feeling of open ocean and no one in sight? // Photo by Kim Akrigg @kimakriggphotography

Don’t go too long without watching a sunset // Photo by Kim Akrigg @kimakriggphotography

Nowhere better to be than on the beach in the sunshine // Photo by Kim Akrigg @kimakriggphotography

Ocean dips in between sunbaking // Photo by Kim Akrigg @kimakriggphotography

Living in paradise // Photo by Kim Akrigg @kimakriggphotography

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Photographer // Kim Akrigg @kimakriggphotography

Model // Val @_gonetothewild

Styling // Val @_gonetothewild

Location // Byron Bay, NSW