Nullaboring - the zine | The Great Ocean Road - Photo and illustration by @zestylem

After driving across Australia 3 times I boiled up the idea to have something to show for my time on the road and the places that we had stumbled upon. Leading me to the idea of a short publication, highlighting the places that my partner and I had fallen in love with around Australia. Divided into 5 main sections, Nullaboring is a combination of illustrations and photographs that reflect my connection to each place.

We present a preview of this brilliant illustrated zine and Summer Seekers submission from Louis Eastaugh aka @zestylem

Photos and Illustrations
Most of the photographs in the NULLABORING zine were taken on a Canon 50E that my mum gifted me and I used a couple photos that my girlfriend Lili took on a little Pentax point shoot. Along with my Olympus Mju Zoom which is my go-to pocket camera and doesn’t take much more room than a phone.

All the drawings throughout the zine start as rough sketches in my workbook which I then refine and draw out on a fresh piece of paper. The drawing then gets scanned and placed into Photoshop where I decide on my palette and colours. I’ve been trying to space myself from my computer a little but its so convenient being able to quickly change a colour or completely change it all together. Using Photoshop does have its perks but I definitely prefer the imperfections that come out of hand-drawn work but that is purely subjective haha.



Travelling to such raw yet beautiful locations makes it extremely hard to not be inspired in some way or another. To some extent it actually kind of got to me realising that so many Australians probably haven’t ventured far from their house base. There is so much beauty in this country and I think it is owed some respect. That’s where the base of this idea came to fruition and I thought it would be funny to play on the idea that the Nullarbor is just one long, boring stretch of road. But is an eagle the size of a small child or an 80 metre drop off to a barrelling right-hander something that you would deem boring? I guess that’s where I was trying to be ironic. Living in and out of phone reception forces you to reflect on your experiences, giving me time to convey each location and do it justice. In this day and age we do so much to absorb each moment without being present, to which we are all guilty.


Title “Between the fall”

DESCRIPTION Dorrigo Drawings

I’ve always been aware of how cliché waterfalls are; yet they are so mystical and it’s hard to not feel something after being in front or in this case behind falling water. Dorrigo is one of those places and the magnitude of the surroundings can be a little overwhelming. It takes a combination of photographs to do it justice and I gave myself the task of conveying its beauty through a diptych of drawings. I wanted the drawings to be insightful when they are sat next to each other and each giving context to the other. I’ve always been drawn to art that is simple and I think personally it has something to do with art that is easy to absorb. I don’t think art has to be complicated or technical in order to tell a story. Keeping the colour palette fairly earthy to compliment the surrounding, and trying to project a sense of peace within the works achieved through the saturated palette and smooth colour shading. 

Victoria’s Drawing

Title “By the Great Ocean Road”

DESCRIPTION Victoria Cover Page

The drawing itself was sketched at a free camping spot that was perched at the edge of a hill, overlooking a never-ending stream of waves. From there I decided to depict the landscape as an alternative universe that my alter ego “Steve” had stumbled upon, achieved through an abstract and vibrant colour palette along with irregular plants. At the same, keeping the integrity of the landscape and distinct elements that hint to it being along the great ocean road.

I had always pictured Victoria to be a place that I wasn’t expecting to get along with, but for the first time in my life…. I was wrong. If I wasn’t wearing two layers of thermals I could have been tucked away in a tropical oasis at the bottom of Australia. Only missing a couple of palm trees and Margarita. Driving through the great ocean road can make you sceptical to think that your eyes are seeing wrong. This drawing sparked from the thought that Victoria seemed like this alternate reality that I hadn’t been introduced to, and I wanted to convey that through the drawing in the Nullaboring zine.

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Photos and illustrations by @louiseastaugh aka @zestylem

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