Off the Grid is a series inspiring the desire to live a life that's bigger than the shit you put in it. A life of not knowing where you will sleep the next night, a life of spending more time choosing which star to look up at instead of which movie to put on and a life of trying to work out how to solve a problem with what's around you rather than ordering the solution to all your problems on the internet.

It's finally here. It's what we have all been dreaming of. But it's real. Real life. A real life flat pack surf shack! It all started when The Back Country Hut Company had a simple idea to create a recreational structure that could be installed in any remote location. Founder Wilson Edgar, who had been working in a community in the mountains of the PNW (Pacific Northwest for those not down with the lingo yet), collaborated with Michael Leckie from Leckie Studio and Cyrill Werlen, a master builder from Saas-Fe.

The outcome is beyond imagination. Choose from 'Backcountry', a hut to make the outdoors more accessible aka Surf Shack or 'Frontcountry', a hut with urban city style aka Affordable Avocado. You can even choose how many friends you want to include in your new found shack with 4 sizes sleeping up to 24 of your closest mates. Now all we need is a secluded surf spot to drop it on.....

Photo by BHC @thebackcountryhutcompany

Photo by BHC @thebackcountryhutcompany

Inspired by Ikea and the idea of having affordable well designed products, the huts are also sustainable by using FSC certified lumber, 100% recyclable components, and adopting a zero-waste philosophy with minimal site imprint.

Find out more about BHC here 

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Words // Daisy J Crawford daisy.crawford

Photos // Plus Visual Co