We bumbled our way from Athens onto a ferry after about 3 hours sleep, and then we arrived in awe of Mykonos – an island that seemed like a sleepy little town. Mykonos, we were to find out, is anything from sleepy. In fact, it’s awake, and ready to go, and wants to suck you into its ouzo-induced disco scene forever.

The Travel Project had organised for us to be taken to Paradise beach where the dancing never stops and the tides never rise. With welcome shots of ouzo – a Greek spirit that tastes like liquorice and leaves a hangover like whiskey – we were ready to explore.

It is in Mykonos that I thought we’d lost our leader and photographer Cait, and our admin man Tom - to the never-ending disco. The two were sucked into the cigarette-smelling party scene, returning back to our accommodation dazed and confused - Tom with paint all over him and Cait with a fractured foot.

Our trio spent the next day discovering the main town of the island that is winding paths and hidden alleys. Laundry is hung from window to window, cats have perched above incessantly judging, and townsfolk walk by, happy and welcoming. It is here we wandered the oregano-and-garlic-scented streets for hours - shooting for Rusty Australia and Havaianas Australia – and made consistent stops to buy freddo espresso (sweet iced-black coffee) and saganaki on a stick (fried cheese).

This was the Greece I remember, and it made me glad. - Christina Macpherson @christinamacpherson

See tuned for more of this epic Greek Island adventure

Mykonos // Photo Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

Tom and Christina - Mykonos // Photo Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

Christina dancing in @rusty_womens // Photo Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

The beautiful streets of Mykonos // @christinamacpherson in @rusty_womens // Photo Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

Tom lets the Mykonos vibes sink right in | Havaianas Origine Espadrille Navy White/Blue in @havaianas_au | Photo @caitmiersphotography

Christina Macpherson in Greece and @rusty_womens // Photo Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

Tom happy he finally made it and Christina always cheeky // @rusty_australia // Photo Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

Matching ensembles to the Mykonos backdrop - how good // @tompaterson_nz & @rusty_australia // Photo Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

Christina Macpherson in @rusty_womens // Photo Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

Love this photo - Christina for @rusty_womens in the Greek Islands // Photo Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography

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Featuring // Christina Macpherson & Tom Paterson
@christinamacpherson // @tompaterson_nz

Photography // Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography
Clothing and swim // Rusty Australia and Rusty Womens 

Thanks to The Travel Project