Yes, you're reading this right, Paris just got its first nudist restaurant. France has already been known to be the 'naturist capital of the world' and home to several nudist beaches, spa's and campsites but this is the country's first ever recorded restaurant.

Fittingly named O'naturel, the new dining venue offers customers the chance to live out their dreams and dine naked. According to Conde de Nast Traveler it seats 40 diners and costs around $50 AUD for a dish. Instructions to entry seems pretty straightforward? "Before entering the main dining room, guests are asked to remove all their clothes and leave them in the restaurant's wardrobes. The view into the restaurant is blocked from the street, and the neighborhood's residents, so far, seem perfectly at ease with the new addition"

I'm not going to lie, looking at the photographs below doesn't exactly inspire me to rush over to Paris to get a seat. Especially considering the rotation of asses coming through the doors. I wonder if they dry clean after each sitting?

Bon apetitties!

Photo | O'naturel Facebook

Photo | O'naturel Facebook

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Photos // O'naturel Facebook

Header Photo // Unsplash