Shane Fletcher on his new film with Noa Deane:- "I guess it's just a collective mash from the past few months. It's definitely a hard drive raid.
Where had shot on a few different trips around OZ, the last Hawaii season and also some stuff from Bali and a trip to Japan we did - Japan was the best!!
When we decided to chop something up I was just conscious that I wanted it to be gritty and real. I defiantly didn't want it to have nat-geo vibes haha. except that one front side water barrel mid clip that had to stay slow.
There's some crazy parts out from the boys atm, but on this one I just wanted to strip back the production vibe and highlight the straight up approach that is the Noz.
We both love Mudhoney so the track came pretty naturally. I dunno, we are happy with it. There's always more you want to do or try but it just surfing right? and that's what's fun! Hopefully that speaks for itself here and people wanna go shred when they watch it.