How often is it that you surround yourself with different people that inspire, challenge and motivate you to simply chase your dreams and follow your passions? It may be a little cliché, but life is what you make of it, and if you're not waking up every day with a burning passion or flowing contentment, start changing things up. There is more opportunity out there than you know, and this life you want to live, is more attainable than you think it is, and how society says it should be.

Jonny @dustybootsmusic and Liv @donttellsummer catching up on old times | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

@zacwhiteee & @donttellsummer rock hoppin the rugged landscape of the South West | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

Vanlife. And some very good humans | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

This past week we spent time with a collective of extremely talented, kind-hearted souls creating content, touring the coast and getting to know a little more about guest speakers, long haired yahoos, and genuinely good people for @donttellsummers festival Rad Livin, which will be held in Sydney on March 17th. The purpose of the Rad Livin festival is to inspire you to do what you love now, rather than waiting for some point in the future.  It’s a declaration to live an authentic, meaningful life. The other speakers making an appearance include Cam Greenwood (founder of Monsta Surf), Will & Bear founders, Steph Gabriel, Stefan Haworth and Elise and Dominic, founders of Down the Rabbit Hole Wines- they are currently travelling Aus in their 72 Westfalia Kombi. Yeahhhhh, not a bad line-up if you ask me. Pretty grateful to say some of these speakers are my good mates, and the rest a massive inspiration.

Taking shelter from the rain inside Auri. @dustybootsmusic @ashkatch @adamharpaz @donttellsummer | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

The crew goes South | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

A collaboration with Soul Camping ensured two very dandy nights of absolute lux. @tygerlyons @zacwhiteee @donttellsummer @ashkatch | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

With a solid crew of good people, we meandered south  down to Yallingup, Margaret River and Bunbury following the soulful, coastal folk tunes and groovy funk of Dusty Boots music and Adam Harpaz for their West Coast tour. Based in Byron Bay, Jonny (Dusty Boots) lives the simple life in his rolling home and is the co-founder behind the massive community Van Life Diaries. For the West Coast tour, a friend offered up her home for the boys to travel in whilst on the road- a 19 foot Mercedes sprinter van, a seriously dreamy conversion at that.

The simple things | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

Creating content for @donttellsummer ‘s Rad Livin Festival in March 2018 | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

Soulful tunes and mellow hues | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

We scored a few waves, watched the sinking sun atop the cliffs, glamped in the bush with Soul Camping’s bohemian styled bell tents, talked about dreams, goals, aspirations, and the most random shit, all over the melodious strum of the guitar. In the end it’s the people you meet, the stories you share, and the little things that really make your world go round. These past weeks encompassed all three, that’s fo sure.

@donttellsummer and @ashkatch are originally from America. We celebrated thanksgiving in style- pumpkin pie, turkey and all, with a bit of an Aussie twang | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

Don’t mind if we do | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

Life of an instagrammer. @zacwhiteee & @tygerlyons are some of the most genuine people you will meet | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

@adamharpaz and his insanely soulful tunes. This guy is going places | Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

Photo by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

Words & Photography // Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers

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