Pub crawl hangover permitting (and remember we encourage responsible consumption of alcohol) I highly recommend a trip out to Litchfield National Park.

About an hour and a half drive from Darwin we arrived at the fascinating magnetic termite hills which showcases the mars like ants architecture. Some of the ant hills are over 12 feet high and the scene looks like something from a Star Wars movie.

*Interesting fact - there is over 70 different ant species in the NT region that all have their own unique architecture on display.

Just up the road are some National Geographic worthy waterfalls. Florence Falls will have you in a Pinterest worthy nature nirvana. Bring your choice of inflatable pool toy and spend a few hours basking in the glory of what the NT has to offer.

Not to be upstaged by its slighter grander in size neighbour is Buley Rockhole. I personally would call them a descending set of glorious cascading freshwater pools. These ravishingly refreshing natural swimming holes are easy to access and thus perfect for anyone wanting to avoid too much physical exertion. Perfect spot for a picnic and you can really settle in here for the day.

Checking the sites in Litchfield National Park is a great little outback adventure. Next time I think I’d like to camp out there for a night or two.

We made it back to Darwin in time for a glorious sunset, a bucket of prawns and fresh barramundi at the Darwin Ski Club. Overlooking the water, with palm trees and a quirky backyard 70’s ski club vibe - the Darwin Ski Club became our favourite watering hole in Darwin.

Visit the Northern Territory we loved it xo

The entrance to Litchfield National Park // Emily Hutchinson @emelinaah // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Emily and Jacob dwarfed by a magnetic termite hill // Photo @caitmiersphotography

The magnetic termite hills of Litchfield National Park // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Emily and the beautiful Florence Falls // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Florence Falls looking from the walk down // Photo @caitmiersphotography

drop in to the Adelaide River Inn on the way back to Darwin for a coldie // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Sunset buckets of prawns and beers at the Darwin Ski Club // Photo @caitmiersphotography

The view at the Darwin Ski Club // Photo @caitmiersphotography

Featuring // Emily Hutchinson @emelinaah & Jacob Boylan @jacobmandude
Photography // Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography
Film // Ed Triglone @edtriglone
Music // "Comin’ Home" – The Wheelers of Oz @thewheelersofoz
Producer // Jon Laurenson @summersite