Felicity Palmateer, Ellie Jean Coffey, Olive Cooke and friends explore the magic of Rottnest Island in Western Australia. Riding bikes, surfing, boating, diving and discovering the best beaches over a couple of fun filled perfect days in April at Rotto.
This film features a few of Rotto's prime locations including The Basin, Natural Jetty, Little Parakeet Bay, Geordie Bay, Longreach, Strickland Bay, Thomson Bay and of course the iconic Pinky's Beach and Bathurst lighthouse at sunset.
Rottnest Island #Thesimplepleasuresinlife in WA #justanotherdayinWA
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Filmed as part of our Summersite series - The Islands of OZ:-
Australia - the island - is famous for being a remote and rugged beauty... but what about the islands that inhabit Australia’s coastline?
Without question our surrounding islands are some of the most unique on the planet - raw, moody, beautiful and dramatic. White sandy beaches, tropical reefs and fish, rugged wind blown landscapes, shipwrecks, war memorial pieces, and island vibes totally unique to Australia.
Naturally these are quintessential Aussie lifestyle locations inclusive of surfing, boating, diving, bicycle riding, hiking and of course, beach bronzing...without the crowd. Each unique Island has its own distinct characteristics.
This is Summersite's - "The Islands of OZ".
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Film and edit // Tom Iffla and Jake Travers - Apertunity productions @apertunity_ and Drone Pilots Australia.@drone_pilots_australia // Underwater film James Strickland
Photography // Cait Miers @caitmiersphotography
Styling // Olive Cooke @olivecooke
Music // "Planet Absorbed" by The Jim Mitchells of Third Eye Stimuli. @jim.mitchell
Produced by // Jon Laurenson - Summersite @summersite
Location // Rottnest Island @rottnestislandwa