In Lisbon, we connected with WSL Surfing Champ Stephanie Gilmore and friends. With an epic crew in tow we headed off to meet with local street artist Mario Belem who took us on a locally guided art tour through his beloved, decaying streets of Lisbon.

Mario is an absolute character and it was an honour to be guided through his hometown. He showed us his 2 favourite street art pieces by Polish artist @sainer_etam and Brazilian artist @stephan_doitschinoff, plus many secret street scenes and hidden food and drink hotspots.

We already love the streets and people of Portugal and this kind of personal experience through Lisbon made this beautiful and fascinating country seem even better.

Mario has his own exhibition coming up in Lisbon at the infamous Vhils Under-dogs Gallery from November 24th - December 23. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the Lisbon neighbourhood soon.
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Filmed during the recent WSL Cascais Women's Pro surfing event in Portugal.

Stephanie Gilmore // @stephaniegilmore
Mario Belem // @mariobelem
Film and Edit // Rod Caetano @rodrcaetano
Producer // Jon Laurenson @prayforthejon
Location // Lisbon, Portugal @visitportugal
Thanks to the World Surf League // @wsl