There is no better feeling than diving deep into the pacific ocean on a day where the heat sizzles against your skin. The days where the sun warms your insides, where the smell of salt lingers in your hair. It’s the time us kids dream about all year, an Australian summer is like no other.

On the first day of the summer holidays I chucked my boards into the mighty Prado and we were off up the East Coast of Australia. I spread my summer days evenly between surfing, snorkelling and exploring the country I’m so lucky to call home. Over my weeks of freedom I camped up at Delicate Nobby near Crescent Head, visited the remote Lord Howe Island and explored home down in Sydney. This edit shows off the beauty of the East Coast and encompasses the freedom that a summer in Australia allows us youth to experience.

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Filmed and edit // @_amyfoodey
In collaboration with // @hannah_peric @liv.peric @lucefoodey @summerpittar @_sophiehale
Music // @whatsonot_certified @RUFUS

Amy used a Gopro Black Hero 5 to make her Summer Moments film for #summerseekers

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