Is it better to stumble down a path less taken than to walk with ease through a bustling street?

For Karina Petroni and her husband Dave the answer is simple, but not necessarily easy. Small island life presents many challenges often not visible from the perspective of one looking outside in. Producing your own electricity, catching your own drinking water, developing your own trash disposal, as well as learning through trial and error how to fix everything. These are just a few of the requirements to survive in an isolated paradise.

Overshadowing the obstacles that may lie throughout the trail of pioneers, is the remarkable adventure of the journey; exploring uninhabited islands by dirt bike, searching for new surf breaks through the windows of the airplane, and traveling by boat throughout pristine, fish-filled archipelagos.

It's not the obstacles that you think back and remember, it’s the extraordinary experiences that you had to scratch and claw your way into as you stumbled along...

Words & Film // David Mitchell

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