A treehouse for living, a skate bowl for skating and a hot tub for tubbing. 

The latest home project by Foster Huntington is giving life to what 14-year-old you could only ever dream of. The artist cum nomad has spent his last four seasons with his carpenter buds, planning and constructing an impressive, multi-platform treehouse by the impossibly picturesque Columbia River Gorge in Washington state.

He calls it The Cinder Cone, and it just might be the raddest thing we’ve seen for a while. Huntington had the smarts to document the process, cramming an entire year of labour and love into this 15-minute short film with Farm League. He created a hard cover process-book too, in case your sense of missing out wasn’t quite there yet. 

The Cinder Cone is that DIY project you’ve always talked about but never done. The only difference is, he actually did it.