The Everyday Artist is an idea that seeks to highlight that anyone, and everyone, is good at art. So often people say; “Oh I couldn’t do art - I’m no good at it”. Everybody is good at art. They just have to do it. The Everyday Artist brings together a community that simply enjoys doing art for the sake of being creative and expressing themselves. 


Meet Josh! A thinker with depth, he shares his thoughts with the world as words. When asked the question of what interest him, he responded with learning, expanding, and understanding himself. Being kind to others living beings, and showing respect to the world. Josh is always expressing, in some way. Check out his website at

What is your earliest art memory?

It was weird; I never partook in any set format like Painting or drawing when I was younger, I never did it at school. It was more my character, dressing weird, that was my form of art. Op shop stuff, nothing matching, odd socks, weird hats.

What sparked your interest in art?

When I finished school, thrust into the big world, I didn’t know what to do. I had depression 17 onwards, it was bad then but when you look at it now, it was learning curve. My friend was selling an old camera for $200, so I borrowed the money off Mum. I didn’t have a job; she was like what are you doing?

The first photo I ever took with the camera felt right, and the weight was off my shoulders. I knew that it was a good path for me to follow. Being able to express myself through photography fuelled the spark, which encouraged me to keep going.

What influences/inspires you to art?

At the moment, it’s crazy. I’ve never felt so excited. Now that I’m a bit older I’ve opened up to the endless possibilities. At the moment I am inspired to keep learning, to keep sharing information that everyone deserves to know and hear. Learning inspires me, information, connecting the dots. I am very inspired by nature. The earth we’ve been given to live in just blows my mind.

Tell me a Josh fun fact.

I think I’m a pretty boring person. I’m very simple. I go for a swim everyday, regardless. That’s my day maker.

What was the last awesome thing that happened to you?

Probably publishing a book. Pretty awesome, and strange, experience. (You can check it out here

Do you have any other interesting hobbies or maybe a fun story about an experience involving your art?

Recently I’ve started painting, and learning the didgeridoo. My roommate is an epic didgeridoo player. I picked up the circular breathing; I can make the animal sounds and have a continuous tone. The more I look into the origin of the didgeridoo the more I am amazed. If the earth had a voice it would be the sound of the didgeridoo. And painting is fun. After writing the book it’s been fun to just be freehand, with out the seriousness of writing.

Should more people/everyone do art? Why?

Yeah, I reckon so. People get caught up thinking art has to be this awesome thing. People think there’s a standard. Art can be anything; it’s expressing yourself. Playing an instrument, drawing on a piece of paper. Whatever, it’s a release of energy. It brings a fun element into being alive.

SEEDS FOR TRUTH - It kind of started with photography, when I would post photos on the Internet. I would like to write a nice caption with them. Words are just as powerful as photographs; together they make a nice combination. It reached a point where people were messaging me saying how much those little captions had changed their perspective. I thought it could be time to work on something bigger than captions, so I started doing little mind maps for each chapter in the book. When I decided I was going to write a book I just cut myself off from the outside world. Not in a bad way, just alone in the studio, with Cait and Snow. I’d wake, walk and swim and then I’d just start writing. Sometimes it would be automatic writing, at the same time as my brain was working it out. Other times it was sitting there contemplating. It just started forming, really beautifully and smoothly. Some days it wasn’t my day to write, and I’d leave it. But within two months, it was complete // Photo by Josh Hedge @joshhedge

UNTITLED - It made the finals of the Monster Children photo annual a couple of years ago, in the top ten, which was pretty cool. My friend and I were road tripping to the bottom of Australia, and were halfway from Vic to the bottom, and it was late in the afternoon. We didn’t know where we were going to stay; but then we got directions from a local to go an hour or so inland. It was quite dark, we eventually got to the spot and it was so incredible. We were on top of a cliff in a rainforest; we woke up the next morning with the fire still going, mist in the trees. My friend stood there with his arms out, I said I want to take a triple exposure, with a film burn in it. Which is quite hard to do on an analog camera. When I got the film back it turned out exactly how I wanted it. It’s special to me because of the experience we had there. It felt like pure freedom // Photo by Josh Hedge @joshhedge

UNTITLED - It was probably in the first few months of when I started taking photos, I was still living with my parents. I was down the street taking photos at the shops. When I left the shops I looked up in the sky, and the clouds looked like they’d been painted on. At the time I was really enjoying taking photos of clouds. I sprinted home to Mum and was like you have to put your hands up! It came out so cool looking. It’s quite special as well, because it’s mums hands // Photo by Josh Hedge @joshhedge

UNTITLED - When I first started, I bought a water housing. This was one of the first times I used it. These are my Dad’s hands. It’s cool to have photos of my Mums hands and my Dads as my favourite photos. He did that thing you do when you’re a kid and run your hands through the water. The other photos on the roll didn’t work out but this one did. You can stare at it for so long // Photo by Josh Hedge @joshhedge

UNTITLED - This one is a simple photo, of a sunset in Port Macquarie. I got the print of the film photo, and I was looking at it in my hand, and I grabbed a lighter, and melted it a little bit. Now when I look at it, it nearly spells love. I love experimenting with that kind of stuff. Which has probably been my main characteristic, people recognize my work by the experimental nature of it.

Josh being Josh

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