The Everyday Artist is an idea that seeks to highlight that anyone, and everyone, is good at art. So often people say; “Oh I couldn’t do art - I’m no good at it”. Everybody is good at art. They just have to do it. The Everyday Artist brings together a community that simply enjoys doing art for the sake of being creative and expressing themselves.


Nic @nicfodor resides in Sydney. Into movies and film, you can find him screening anything from The Americans, Mad Men, or anything 80’s communist spy related. He likes getting out of the house, exploring new places with cool natural landscapes. At the same time, remembering that it’s all about balance, Nic places high value on his alone time, a self-titled homebody. Rainy days are a favourite, as he doesn’t feel obliged to go out. 

What is your earliest art memory? 
I guess drawing pictures on the wall at my parents’ house. I loved the mask, with Jim Carey; I used to always draw the mask. And street sharks. There was this cartoon when I was a kid; the character had a sharks head and torso, with muscular arms, wearing pants. Sorta like the hulk if it were a shark. My parents would stick my drawings on the wall. That’s what I remember, more than the actual process. 

What sparked your interest in art? 
I guess cartoons when I was young. My neighbour liked to draw, and he was my best mate. Having someone else that was interested helped. Also my dad would draw cartoons, he would draw a really good Donald duck. He would do the beak perfectly. I’ve tried to do it since and I can’t do it as well. 

What influences/inspires you to art? 
Well, I really like film. And I like writing. But I find it hard to get ideas in those areas. Whereas drawing can be so spontaneous, I don’t have ideas, I just start with something small and then I can just do whatever I want. Probably cartoons, comics, even though I don’t read any comics. And film. Even though film is real people. 

Tell me a Nic fun fact. 
I absolutely love different socks. I think socks are the best. At my old job you had to wear a nice shirt, you had to look formal. But you can always get away with funky socks. I stumbled across a warehouse sale recently and got ten pairs for like twenty bucks, it was the greatest thing ever. You can wear funky socks at any occasion… Maybe not a funeral. 

What was the last awesome thing that happened to you? 
We had a really good party at my friends’ house on Saturday. It went really late and no police came. It was perfect, we danced til five am, the music was really loud, and there were no hassles.  

Do you have any other interesting hobbies or maybe a fun story about an experience involving your art?
I’ve recently moved out, so cooking has become my new favourite hobby. My girlfriend works late, so if I wait for her we have to eat late. So it’s on me to cook and I really like it. I want it to be prepared for when she gets home. She’s a better cook than me but I like her to see the finished product. It’s like art; I find it meditative, a zone out. When it goes wrong it’s really depressing, even it’s a little thing it can just ruin me. 

Should more people/everyone do art? Why?  
I guess a bit of both. It’s cool to see different people express themselves, and see how they go about their art. But at the same time I’ve invited one of my friends over to do art, and he doesn’t think he’s any good. I wouldn’t want to put him in a situation where he would be embarrassed. Before art night, one thing I used to do, is keep my art to myself. With art night, you’re expected to present it. It can be intimidating and scary, but you feel better once you do. People always end up liking it. I think everyone should give it a shot. 


NEW PLANET It’s probably the closest thing I would have at an attempt at a comic book series. That’s what I had in mind when I was drawing it - a comic book cover. Four guys landing on a new planet. They are guys because I find it really hard to draw girls. I start with faces, and then I build around them. I try to fill up the page, have as little white spots as possible. So I sorta just build on shapes. The new planet is quite a mountainous region, but it could also be a mouth, because that looks like teeth and gums. Maybe it’s a planet with jaws sticking out.
Photo - @nicfodor


THE MIND This is my favourite, because I put the most work into it. It started off with the blue guy, and I wasn’t too happy with it, so I drew a big head. The big head feels a bit like when I can’t sleep, I have insomnia. I start off with colours, then I trace over it with black at the end. It makes it a lot clearer. I leave the faces white, these textas are watercolour based, and you can do so much more to it if it’s blank, like the lines and the wrinkles.
Photo - @nicfodor


OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE This is how you feel when you’re really out of your comfort zone. It’s sort of how I felt when I arrived overseas in Tai Pei after twentyfour hours of travel without showering. It was 37 degrees and it was hot and I smelt really bad. This is how I felt and smelt when I landed. I guess I’ve always wanted to draw a city. The orange represents the heat, and the clouds the humidity. The red spots are there because I had pimples when I was in early high school. It used to bring me down pretty hard. So I draw pimples and blemishes to give my characters character. In high school I thought getting girls was the most important thing in the world, but as you grow older you realize it’s so much more personality based. Sometimes I draw characters that are a bit ugly. I’m not good at drawing people that look good. Characters that look ugly are more interesting. Maybe it’s not even ugly, it’s unique.
Photo - @nicfodor


THE SKI TEAM This started off with three faces, and I put myself in a bit of a pickle, like wow I just took up three massive spaces on the page. Then I drew them wonky bodies, and of course the wonky bodies also took up more space. So then they got outfits, and then to cut out their pecs, or maybe they’re women, with boobs, or man boobs, whatever, they got colour. Originally I was going to go for sunshine, then I thought they look like skiers, with their fluorescent colours, so they got some mountains and ski slopes and snow. I’m happy with how the mountains turned out. I like distorting my art. Green mountains, orange snow. I really like the fun quirkiness it brings.
Photo - @nicfodor


FREEDOM I did this because you’re very free when you’re driving, you’re listening to music, and you’re not going to work. Driving with people is great, but driving alone is the best, you don’t have to worry if the music choice is appeasing someone else’s taste, there’s no rush, it’s really nice. I’ve never had a convertible though, so this guy is probably feeling a little freer than me in my car, a small Daihatsu. It died on me last year, RIP. This started out as a test, testing out giving my character a birthmark. I don’t know if it worked well, mixing different colours, green and blue, and it left a whole lot of space. I didn’t give myself much time, so I drew the lines to give it a background, which left more white space in between. I couldn’t think of a colour to contrast with the orange, so I decided to fill it with lyrics. I chose a really long song, so long that I only fit half the lyrics in it. It’s called Street Hassle, by Lou Reed. Whilst I was filling in the blanks, I realized I should have made up something on my own. So I will do that next time I can’t think of colours, I will start rambling a stream of consciousness to fill in the blanks.
Photo - @nicfodor