There’s no overstating the beauty of Hawaii - a conclusion I drew when I recently tripped to Hawaii exploring the islands of Kauai, Maui and Oahu, each island with its own personality and unique traits.

My days were spent living off acai bowls and coconut water wandering around with a camera in hand, untiring smile and unless hiking one of the many rocky trails on offer then my shoes stayed at the hotel. On all islands, the locals were just as warm as the weather - welcoming and familiar.

One of many of the wild Kauaiian chickens found all over the island providing endless entertainment | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Local Maui boys fishing at sunset, not bothered by the rain | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

A unique shipwreck close to shore in Waikiki | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

In Kauai, the balmy breeze stayed just as long as I did. As did the rain, but that’s to be expected in one of the wettest places on the planet – thus also the greenest. The rain never set in for long though, a 15-minute drive in either direction surely found a view of the sun.
It’s a wonder that an island so relatively small houses so much raw beauty. From the rugged North Shore and Na Pali Coast, battered by large swells accompanied by violent squalls to the quiet southern town of Koloa, shaded by tremendously large trees.

The heavenly Hanalei Bay on Kauai’s north shore | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

On and off showers all day producing lush greenery and endless water cascading from the cloud-enshrouded mountains | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Fields of taro seen from Hanalei Valley Lookout | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

The grandiose Waimea Canyon – known as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’. The fierce winds turning it into a dust bowl | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Wailua Falls with an ever-present rainbow | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Mornings in Maui were still and warm until the familiar breeze returned towards midday. But no matter how wild the winds were, putting your head under the water restored the stillness. The sea turtles were wise to this and were found in numbers harmoniously swimming along the beaches unfazed by human presence. The north shore of Maui flaunted awe-inspiring natural power with wild storms shadowing the coast and raw ocean intensity thrashing the coastline.

Snorkeling off Maluaka Beach with majestic sea turtles | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Maui north shore storm at sunset | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

The sunset from Ke’e Beach – the last accessible beach before the rugged Na Pali Coast | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

The fading sun illuminating the rugged coastline in an orange glow from the passing | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

In Oahu, the wind died and the clouds parted. It was a vision of the classic Hawaiian vibe with warm sun, blue water & palm trees – a vision conjured up if prompted by the word ‘paradise’. The ocean was still and inviting with enough of a pulse of swell to enjoy long rides across Waikiki Beach on all forms of craft (if you can dodge the literal sea of tourists…). Although you can forgive the crowds for being drawn to such an enchanting place.

Hawaiian colour palette | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Aerial view of the Duke Paoa Kahanamoku Lagoon in Waikiki | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Distant views of the wind farm from Wailea | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Fishing demonstration at Paradise Cove Luau | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Tourists enjoying the sunset at Waikiki | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

No light pollution means bright starry nights in Maui | Photo by Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

Words & Photography // Jack Noel Davis @jacknoeldavis

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